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Dokumentation | Royal Film Company

Roamers – Follow you Likes

Director: Lena Leonhardt


In a society where basic needs have been met for a long time, a new utopia becomes a life goal for a whole generation: absolute freedom. Escaping the rat race. No more annoying workplace, no more „what for?“, no more living between endless traffic, bad weather and surviving until the weekend. Instead: an autonomous life as a citizen of the world. The credo: making the best of every single day - and earning quite a bit of money while doing so. The so-called digital revolution and cheap flights make it possible. And so impressions of this „freakin'fantastic life“ flood the feeds of Instagram & Co and make it difficult for followers to justify the seemingly mediocre life that they are living.

ROAMERS accompanies different characters throughout the countries and social-media-feeds of this world: from a celebrated video-blogger from Palestine, who quit his lucrative Job at PayPal to gain as much life experience as possible to the former top manager who traded her business in Switzerland as well as her marriage for the adventure of sailing the world to the Argentinian couple that uses its IT-Skills gained at IBM to produce porn on demand in order to finance a trip around the world.

As digital nomads they design their own „life they love“ while learning to manage the boundaries of a new era: between personal freedom and the dependence upon algorithms and wi-fi, between self-fulfillment and self-exploitation – in search of meaning and comfort in a world that seems to offer endless possibilities while getting more fragmented by the minute.