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Commercial | Mercedes-Benz

Dare to Dream

Director: Inhouse


The spot shows a possible future of In-Car Entertainment by Mercedes-Benz in a humorous and aesthetically pleasing way. Because we can't show much of the future technology of In-Car Entertainment, we symbolize the immersive experience in a metaphorical way. It's weird, funny, ironic, cool and fast-paced, maybe a little bit over the top, but a perfect match for the target audience, which are first and foremost young gamer and social media enthusiasts. To grab their attention we pick up on existing gaming and internet culture as well as memes and combine them with the Mercedes-Benz automotive world. The goals are getting the viewers to participate in an online challenge to develop the future of Mercedes-Benz interior design as well as to get them excited about the future of In-Car Entertainment. They get called on to „Dare to dream.“